Calvin Sidle

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  • Opioid Epidemic
    • There is no corner of the country that isn't being affected by this problem. We have to remember that it is our friends and neighbors who are struggling with addiction and we need to help them.
    • The needle exchange program is a good start but more work can be done.
    • Addiction treatment centers must be located in areas where they are accessible to the public. People shouldn't have to travel across state lines to be able to get help with their addiction.
  • Transportation
    • We need to work with TANK to increase the number of bus routes in Campbell County. There is a lot of growth and a plenty of jobs are cropping up across northern Kentucky, but if people can't get to work then the growth will go to waste.
  • Affordable Housing
    • Along similar lines we must also increase the number of affordable living options. There is a significant need in Northern Kentucky. 
  • Sanitation District 1
    • It is the job of the Judge Executive to put two members on the board of SD1. We can do better about making sure that the voices of the residents of Campbell County are heard.

This website is paid for by the Committee to Elect Calvin Sidle.