Calvin Sidle

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I graduated from Pikeville College in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and History. I wasn't always a political science major though. I started my college career as a music major. In 2005 I was on the phone with a friend of mine and we were complaining about President Bush. Suddenly a light bulb flicked on in my head. I thought, "Why complain on the phone with my friends and not do anything about it?" This was before we could complain on Facebook. I switched my major and immersed myself into local politics. I joined the Student Government Association and the Young Democrats.

When my wife, Chasity, and I moved up to Northern Kentucky I knew I wanted to get involved. I didn't want to run for a city office because I had just moved here and thought it would be a disservice to the voters to try to represent a city I barely knew. When I saw that Thomas Massie was unopposed I couldn't abide that. Democracy only works when voters have options to choose from. When it came time to file for this year's race, I noticed that no Democrats were running against Judge Executive Pendery. I have now lived here long enough to feel more comfortable in this county and I cannot abide somebody running unopposed. There are changes that can be made in Campbell County that can make life better for people, and if you want to hear my plans please check out my platform page.

I do not run for office because I am looking for an easy paycheck or quick fame, because politics is the wrong business for that. I believe that government can be used to implement positive change in our lives. I believe that the social contract between people, businesses, and government is being torn asunder and needs to be restored to proper balance. If you believe the same, please vote for me in November!

This website is paid for by the Committee to Elect Calvin Sidle.